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Is Your Thyroid Making You Sick?

Posted on September 8, 2016 at 11:50 AM

Many individuals come into our office when they are highly suspicious that they have a thyroid problem. With the convenience of the internet today, people have easily been able to research on their own that thyroid blood work is notoriously incorrect. This leads to very frustrated individuals who are confused and many times are recommended an anti-depressant (because “it is all in their head”;).


Under-active thyroid is much more common than over-active thyroid. Even though Dr. Nelson will look at the blood work, she certainly does not put all of her eggs in that basket. She has seen the following scenarios with blood work:


The person’s blood work matches their symptoms and they feel wonderful on their current medication for thyroid (not very common).


The person’s blood work shows that their thyroid is functioning well based on their current medication, but the person DOES NOT feel good and does not know why. (very common scenario).


A person has a number of unexplained symptoms and the doctor is suspicious of thyroid issues. When the doctor runs blood work everything comes back "normal," leaving the patient very frustrated because there are "no answers" again.


Dr. Nelson has even seen a few cases in which the person’s blood work falls in the over-active state, but their symptoms are all under-active. (not as common, but still treatable with naturopathic medicine).


Being told that you do not have a thyroid issue when you in fact do can be very counterproductive, especially if the search for relief sends you on a tangent looking for answers elsewhere, as you struggle with daily symptoms.

Thyroid Blood Work Not As Accurate As You May Think


The simple truth is that thyroid lab work is not the most accurate method to determine if an under-active thyroid is present. Simple symptom tests are WAY more accurate. Most doctors will not treat their patients using symptom testing. This is the 4th leading reason that individuals come into Abundant Life Wellness.

Proof That Thyroid Conditions Exist

The Mayo Clinic has determined that as much as 10 percent of the population suffers from thyroid problems and it appears to be on the increase. Dr. Brownstein, a medical doctor who specializes in thyroid disorders believes the percentage is much higher at an estimated 60 – 70%.


Why Do These Problems Exist?


Why are we seeing so many more cases today than ever before? We believe in addition to lack of nutrition that a large piece of the puzzle is due to our exposure to radiation with all of the massive increase of technology over the past few years. Radiation has a huge impact on our endocrine system, especially the thyroid. If someone comes into our office and they have many of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder, but no indication of that on their blood work, we most definitely will work with them to treat their thyroid.

How Dr. Nelson Can Help Your Thyroid

Dr. Nelson has been able to help so many people who are in this situation. She has worked to help individuals find natural solutions for thyroid conditions utilizing herbs, homeopathy and natural freeze dried thyroid (which is very similar to NatureThroid or Armour Thyroid.)

Dr. Nelson teaches her clients how to determine the best dose for their system.

In natural medicine, we are looking for the underlying factor as to why your thyroid is not functioning properly. We look at toxicity and deficiency issues. A cookie cutter approach does not work - with one individual the cause is different than the next individual.


Take Thyroid Questionnaire Below

We have had countless cases of individuals regain optimum health through nourishing the thyroid. The thyroid affects the speed of your 75 - 100 trillion cells and can have a HUGE effect on the total health of the body. Feel free to take the test below on our website by clicking the link below.



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