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Want a pain free life?

Posted on November 29, 2016 at 12:15 AM

Do you know someone suffering in pain constantly?


This was John's story (below) before he came to see us last year.


90% of people who are willing to give this plan a try will see results in 6 weeks!


Please take a few minutes to read his story below and pass this along to anyone who struggles with chronic pain.

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My Chronic Extreme Pain is 95% Gone!


"In 2012, I was diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was put on several different medications. I did not want to be on all of these medications. I really wanted to know what was wrong with me, not be put on toxic medications. I felt like I was too young not to have any answers as to why I was in all of this pain. I literally did not want to walk up my steps to my bedroom, as the pain was so bad. It was very difficult for me to continue to work, but I needed to support my family.




In 2013 and 2014, the pain just got worse and worse, so I was just given more medication to try to treat the pain. The medical doctors even put me on anti-seizure meds, but that still did not work. I honestly was getting very discouraged and feeling hopeless. Most of the pain was in my knees, shoulders and hip.




After all of this, the medical doctors recommended me to go to the pain clinic. In the meanwhile, I had a friend tell me about Dr. Valerie Nelson and suggested that I give naturopathic medicine a chance. So, I set up my appointment.




One of the health questions was “Do you want Dr. Nelson to pray for you during the appointment?” Of course, I said ‘yes’ because I wanted every chance I could get to feel better.




Dr. Nelson encouraged me that she had been successful utilizing vitamins, mineral and homeopathy therapies and that within 6 weeks we would know if the program was going to work for me. She told me that there would be a number of natural medicines that we would need to try & that I needed to follow the program exactly & we would know soon enough. I had to admit that this was not like other doctors appointments, but again, I was so tired of living daily in chronic pain that I was willing to give it a try. I was very happy that my HSA account would cover the expenses. She also told me that I needed to come in every week for a footbath detox session and I did what she said.




Within 2 weeks, my pain had reduced by 25% -- within one month, the pain was reduced by 50% -- by 2 months, the pain reduced by 75% and by the 3rd month, the pain was reduced by 95% !!




When I returned for my follow up at the medical doctor’s office, the office staff said “Wow, I can see that going to the pain clinic really helped you out!” I excitedly told them “Nope! The Naturopathic Doctor is who got me better!




My medical doctor (cardiologist) was so impressed with my results and he saw Dr. Nelson’s husband at a business gathering and actually sought him out saying “hey, your wife really helped one of my patients! He then proceeded to ask for some of her business cards because he could see how much I had been helped!




This has been such a life changing experience for me that I tell anyone who is willing to listen!" If your are going to try this program, you have to give it your all.




Update - within about 4 months of the program, we reduced some of my supplements and I come in once per month for a footbath for maintenance.


I have been pain-free for almost a year and a half now. I am so glad that I gave this a chance because it really did give me my life back.


~~ John Barrett, Pittsburgh



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