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VERY Important Information on Dr. Nelson's Education

Posted on February 2, 2017 at 6:20 PM

You may have received a request from us in the past to sign a petition fighting a law that was going to strip many Naturopathic Doctors of their titles.

The passing of this regulation mainly stems from one Naturopathic Doctor from Peters Township who has been providing and or promoting incorrect information to senator's office; to newspapers and to Pennsylvania citizens as well.


She was representing to citizens that the passing of the law to “license Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Pennsylvania” as a good thing for citizens of Pennsylvania indicating that this would bring MORE Naturopathic Doctors into the state to give citizens MORE options.


She was sending out newsletters to individuals in an attempt to try to get them to vote for the passing of this ‘so called’ good law in an attempt to get it passed to dominate the market place. She even posted in one of her newsletters to “not post the information on Facebook, as it was confusing people.” She was attempting to get this law passed ‘under the radar.’




Well, she was successful.........They got it passed right before the presidential election when everyone was distracted.


Pennsylvania DID NOT pass the ability for licensing, as she wanted, but it DID pass a law that all Naturopathic Doctors are required to be registered and only if you went to a "Medical Naturopathic School" are you allowed to call yourself a "Naturopathic Doctor."


The passing of this law has basically stripped all “Traditional Naturopathic Doctors” of their titles on their degrees. The passing of this law has only benefited about 20 – 30 “Medical Naturopathic Doctors” and hurt over 250 Traditional Naturopathic Doctors.


Again, this ONLY benefits the so-called “Medical Naturopathic Doctors” because they are stripping the title away from over 250 “Traditional Naturopathic Doctors”.


She is claiming that “Traditional Naturopathic Doctors” did not go to “Accredited” Schools. The school that Dr. Nelson went to was Accredited through the American Naturopathic Medication Accreditation Board.


She has gone as far as writing articles in Pittsburgh newspapers claiming that some Naturopathic Doctors only go to school for 6 weeks. This information is completely false. What accredited school would give a degree to a Naturopathic Doctor who went to school for 6 weeks? That is completely ludicrous.


Be very cautious of trusting your health to an individual that would spread such untruths in an attempt to put over 250 Naturopathic Doctors out of business in an attempt to dominate the marketplace while deceiving Pennsylvania citizens.


FORTUNATELY...... there are national organizations out there that are working to protect “Traditional Naturopathic Doctors” across the United States because they know that all of this is “hogwash”. They offer Board Certification Exams for them to be able to change their titles to something other than “Naturopathic Doctors” since Pennsylvania now has passed a law that greatly favors the 20 – 30 “Medical Naturopathic Doctors.”


Yes, because of the passing of this law, our titles are required by Pennsylvania law to change, but our same passion for offering the Pennsylvania citizen’s natural choices in healthcare will remain.


Dr. Valerie Nelson has been Board Certified in Integrative Medicine through the American Association of Integrative Medicine since 2009 - Member #1199. This is a strict review board which has medical doctors on it.


She went to school over a period of 7 years obtaining 3 different degrees in natural medicine.


We just wanted to clear up any confusion that is floating around out there about the law that was recently passed – this law is NOT effective until 2018, so Dr. Nelson’s title will remain the same until that time.


Her new title in the future will be Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine.


Further clarification on Dr. Nelson’s Education can be found here:



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