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A Must Have For Winter! - Fighting Colds & Flu Naturally

Posted on December 20, 2018 at 11:55 AM

Holiday season is all about friends and family coming together and we absolutely love sharing in that joy! However, everyone knows that the first thought that runs through your head when you hear your little cousin wiping snot from their nose and your uncle coughing really loudly is, “oh boy, stuck in this house, unable to escape exposure from these germ heads!” When everyone is kissing and hugging on each other, the germs just start flying!!!!!! YUCK....... Now, the main fix for this problem society suggest is: go get your flu shot today! During this season, we encourage everyone to research the risks associated with flu shots. Trust us.........there are many concerns about them.....do your research!!!!! Now, we recognize some people want the flu shot despite all of the contraversial information out there, but we need to provide our clinets with the safest options possible for your health.


1. Increase immunity! A robust immune system is the best way to battle all the little flu buggers. The best way to increase immunity is to pop some wellness boosters into your vitamin routine. These act as a preventive supplement that builds your system up to stop germs in their tracks. During cold & flu season this is one of our #1 sellers and it sells all across the US and Canada. This formulation was created only for Dr. Valerie Nelson and the word is spreading about the effectiveness of this product. Matter of fact, we almost ran out of our supply recently....

2. When you first catch a cold or flu recognize that your PH is likely off. An easy wayy to balance and stabilize your system is to use a simple fix you can get at your local grocer -- Aluminum free baking soda. This fix doesn't taste the best but it is highly effective because it quickly raises your PH level. Simply stir 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water and sip it throughout the day. Try to muster through the ocean water taste though! Use this right along side of your Wellness Boosters.

3. Lastly, kick off your socks before bed and rub 3 drops of oil of oregano into the soles of your feet. The biggest pores on your body are on your feet so this will help it be in a place to absorb the oil the best. This little trick is especially helpful if you have the stomach yucky bug or with children who cannot swallow pills yet. Children are 1/2 the dose of adults.

So what ACTUALLY makes Wellness Boosters a preventive solution:


Echinacea angustifolia -- fights viruses and infection


Elderberry powder -- fights colds, viruses, fever and boosts immunity

Parthenium root -- natural immune booster, anti-inflammatory; fights colds and viruses


Dandelion root -- natural liver detoxifier and blood cleanser

Goldenseal root -- fights upper respiratory infections; germs and viruses

Olive leaf -- powerful antioxidant; strengthens cardiovascular system, natural anti-viral, reduces candida

Elder Flowers -- combats inflamed sinuses, colds, bronchial infections

Oregano Leaf -- respiratory strengthener, supports gastrointestinal system, natural antibiotic

Burdock root -- kills germs, reduces fever, blood purifier and liver cleanser


Astragalus root -- immune system booster; adaptogen herb and virus fighter

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