Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a non-invasive, therapeutic technology that energetically scans and harmonizes the body’s stresses and imbalances. It then returns your body back to health by reducing the stressors that cause disease. With each cell containing 6 GB of memory, you can only imagine all of the data that is stored in the 100 trillion cells that make up our amazing bodies! No doubt the cells have genetic memory that will go back for several generations.   

Biofeedback is measuring a variable of a person and giving feedback. During the biofeedback session, the technician will run the computerized scan and get a picture categorizing the different imbalances in the client.  

Biofeedback uses physiological signals from the client's own body to receive information about the body that our normal senses can provide. The Biofeedback device is a computerized instrument that uses sophisticated software, a very sensitive interface module, straps are worn to communicate with 54 different electrical pathways that run through the body. Feedback of electrophysiological processes is given as re-balancing signals to the client, effectively alleviating general stressors that otherwise block vital inner energy flow.  

The term ‘biofeedback’ comes from the Greek prefix ‘bio’, meaning ‘life’, and ‘feedback’, meaning ‘response’. Essentially, biofeedback enables you to receive information from your body on current behavior and influence or modify future behavior. The information measured with a biofeedback device is then “fed-back” to the client, creating a re-balancing signal.   

The initial scan evaluates 7,000 different signals, ranging from chromosomes to toxicity. The advantages are obvious: non-invasive, non-drug therapy, and preventative value.  

During the biofeedback session a customized homeopathic formula is created to continue the rebalancing through homeopathy until your next session. We take the 30 top suggested re-balancing homeopathic signals and put 1/2 in one formula and the other 1/2 in another formulation. The scan is $25 and this includes the homeopathic formulation from the scan.

For a simple explanation, this computerized scan takes about 15 minutes -- we put a strap across your forehead and 2 straps on your acupuncture points on your wrists. We run the computerized scan and the computer makes a 2-bottle formulation of homeopathy medicine for you based on the scan. Again, the scan and formulation are $25 total.