Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

High Cholesterol Studies

All of us know of someone who has been diagnosed with high cholesterol. Many individuals ask me my opinion on statin (cholesterol-lowering drugs). I do believe that there is a lot of inaccurate information out there in general within the circles of mainstream medicine. Again, I will say, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I am not legally permitted to go against your Medical Doctor (we just work differently - a Naturopathic doctor tries to find root causes and utilizes natural, non-toxic approaches to treat disease). Remember -- it is your health -- just make an educated decision. Look at the facts of these studies below.

Please, please send this important information out to people that you care about and that you love. The last time that I checked, the statin (cholesterol lowering) drugs generate over $25 billion per year for the pharmaceutical industry. Just be aware of the money trail when you are evaluating what direction you want to go with your health.

If you are, or know of someone who is taking this medication, please take a good hard look at these facts:

These studies are compiled by the American Medical Association.

     There is no good or bad cholesterol -

 LDL (which is typically known as the bad guy) is actually a good guy. LDL is produced when there is toxicity in the body - the body makes LDL to protect the body. If your LDL is high, then this is a sign that you need to detox, not go on a medication. A Naturopathic doctor will guide you through the detoxification process. 

      Your body raises cholesterol to PROTECT the nerves and brain against toxins. A cholesterol lowering medication is not what you need, because you are taking that protection away!!! What you need is a good detoxification and vitamin/mineral program that is customized for you.

      Did you know that breast milk is 85% cholesterol??? - now, tell me that God didn't know what He was doing - our Creator created breast milk as the ideal first food for us. Cholesterol is our friend, not our enemy - now there are good fats to eat and bad fats that are truly bad for our diet, but that is another report for another day.

      These are facts from a European Heart Journal study from 1997 over a 3-year period of time involving 11,500 patients. Having LOW cholesterol INCREASES cancer, INCREASES cardiac death, INCREASES erectile dysfunction and infertility, INCREASES memory loss and mental focus. 

      These are some facts from a Medical Doctor and Swedish Researcher, Uffe Ravnskov: Those with lower cholesterol suffer from more frequent and severe infections; individuals with higher cholesterol have a LOWER mortality rate. So in other words - High cholesterol = lower death rate. Low cholesterol = higher death rate. 

      This is from a study from the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) - 30 year follow up - the Framingham study, published in 1987: Cholesterol lower than 150 significantly INCREASES your risk of heart disease; there is a correlation between LOW cholesterol and mortality (death). The study also showed that death rates INCREASED by 14% for every 1 mg drop in total cholesterol per year.

     European Heart Journal Study in 1997 involving 11,500 patients concluded: 

 Your risk of death is two times higher with LOW cholesterol than it is with HIGH cholesterol. Most common cause of death is cancer for those with lowered cholesterol (no wonder!! you are taking your toxicity protection away!)

     The optimal cholesterol level is anywhere from 175-275. "O" blood types naturally have higher cholesterol levels.

     The body adjusts the ratio of HDL's to LDL's (types of cholesterol) constantly to meet the needs of the body - let's not mess with the Maker's design - God has designed our bodies to produce the amounts of these cholesterols that we need at any given time!

     Adverse Effects of Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs - depletes the body of CoQ10 - our God-given antioxidant; liver dysfunction; causes inflammation and muscle pain; memory loss; lack of concentration; amnesia, insomnia, weakness; fatigue; raises insulin levels.

 A natural health evaluation with a Naturopathic Doctor checks your vitamin, mineral and glandular points and your organs to see what nutrients are needed through a process called Applied Kinesiology. It is very specific for each individual's needs and can let you know how much of each mineral and vitamin that your body needs. Naturopathic doctors educate you with things that you can do to naturally lower your cholesterol.

Long-distance phone consultations are also available by appointment. Prices are on the website for this service.

Have you ever noticed how they keep making the cholesterol numbers that are acceptable lower and lower each year? Pretty soon, they are going to want us at zero!! I really have a high level of respect for the medical doctors that are telling people the truth. There is a world-recognized cardiologist, named Dr. Sinatra who noticed that his patients with high cholesterol were living longer than those with low cholesterol. He wrote a book called "Reverse Heart Disease Now".    

He also believes that cell phone signals have a lot to do with high cholesterol today which is why we encourage everyone to wear an EMF Jewelry protective piece.