Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

Saying Good-bye to Toxic Anti-Depressants

It’s been about eight years that I feel like I’ve been in a dark pit, wanting out. I remember wanting to be happy, but I thought that that was an impossible state for me. In a position of hopeless desperation, I agreed to take antidepressants. They helped me to feel “normal” but they did not cure me. I began to have extreme PMS as well as unpredictable menstrual cycles. My Gynecologist diagnosed me with PMDD and recommended that I go on birth control pills to stabilize my cycles. The first pill didn’t work, so I was told that I needed something stronger. I tried a second, and continued to have bleeding almost all month. I was tired of wasting money on prescriptions and I was tired of my erratic schedule. I am only in my thirties, I should not be feeling this way!!

Also, I was exhausted, in general because I could no longer sleep through the night. All of these things resulted in my relationships suffering with everyone that I had contact with, friends, family and everyone else. I was filled with anxiety and felt like I was constantly weeping or angry. Logically, I could think of so many blessings that should have made me happy, but I could not will myself to feel that way. Worst of all, I felt like I was disappointing God. I contacted Dr. Nelson and she assured me that she could help. She explained that often times antidepressants cause sleep problems and can lead to more serious diseases including fibromyalgia and bone deterioration. During my full exam, I told her that I would like to get off all of my medication. Dr. Nelson just smiled and said “Okay, let’s come up with a plan.”

Her findings showed that I was nutritionally deficient in almost everything. She also said that my thyroid was off, as well as my internal sleep timer. She recommended a handful of supplements as well as some food that I could easily add to my diet. Within a couple of weeks, I began to see some dramatic changes. I began to sleep through the night. I’ve decreased my Zoloft twice; from 75 mg to 50 mg and now I’m down to 25 mg (the smallest dose available). My menstrual cycle is getting closer and closer to 28 days. During my PMS week I have no breast tenderness, weight gain, cramping nor psychotic episodes (all of which I had every month previously).  

Because of the supplements, I go to the bathroom more regularly -- that I thought was possible. This is an embarrassing subject, but this makes me feel like I could run a marathon! I’ve also been cured of other embarrassing G.I. issues. Feeling good has changed my life. My thinking is clear. I wake up ready to enjoy life. I realized that this is what God wanted for me. He doesn’t want any of us to struggle with depression every day. My family and friends, I’m sure are just as grateful to Dr. Nelson for her suggestions and guidance as I am. My children have a mom that smiles and laughs and is a great role model for taking care of oneself. My husband has a wife that he is happy to come home from work and see. My friends have a person with whom they can share joy. This was a healing experience for all of us.         

Soon, I’ll be off my Zoloft permanently. This experience has changed my life and has taught me the value of caring for “God’s Temple”. I can only pray that all of Dr. Nelson’s clients will have amazing results like mine. *

Signed: One Very Happy Camper!! (Amie)

Houston, PA

Considered Suicide as Only Option

To Dr. Nelson: Sometimes we search in all the wrong places for the right answers and simple help. Our bodies tell a story, our minds talk to us and it somehow knows something is wrong….but who believes us when we try to explain exactly what we are feeling??? You, Dr. Nelson……………………

To Others: I found Dr. Nelson through my dental hygienist. We were discussing how terrible I felt and told her I wished that I could feel somewhat good again. It was then that she mentioned that I should looking into contacting a Natural Doctor and Natural Health Healing professional named Valerie Nelson and that she was really impressed and heard of her while attending a seminar at her church. I was at my wit’s end. Feeling exhausted all the time, was previously diagnosed with occular melanomia (cancer) in my one eye (partially blind), dry skin, bad eating habits, dark circles under my eyes, gout in my foot, fibromyalgia, overweight and I mean the list went on and on. No doctor’s, so far, could help.

Test after test, nothing was showing up wrong. I was desperately searching for help (6 years to be exact). I contacted Dr. Nelson's office the very next day. We met and she performed muscle testing on me! Finally, the story that my body was trying to tell was coming out!

Wow, thyroid under functioning, body acid level very high, test that I have parasites, vitamin deficient and the list goes on. Every other doctor was saying there was nothing wrong when I knew that I was ill, but didn’t know why!! Who else would tell you this??????????

I immediately thought after she gave me the results, wow, I am my medical doctors meal ticket for I was always visiting his office complaining about how ill I was feeling and telling him that something is wrong and asking him to please, please help me….all test showed nothing!! (It cost me dollars and cents every time and I got no better, nothing out of it, except more discouraged).

Here is what I know now about myself after just one visit with Dr. Nelson: Thyroid under functioning – hard to lose weight unless you change some things internally – parasites (yuck because they eat up all of your nutrition and you just get the leftovers) – body acid level very high (very, very bad for a cancer patient).

Deficient in vitamins/minerals (not good). I immediately asked Dr. Nelson what can I do to feel better – we talked and I picked up the supplements that she recommended – I felt like I finally had some answers and I put my whole belief in her and starting taking the natural healing products she so highly recommended based on my personal test results.

Two Months Later (A new woman) - I am feeling so much better – I really can’t believe it. I am truly amazed that no other doctor could help me. Upon Dr. Nelson's recommendations, I am now on daily natural medications and can’t say enough about how it has changed my life so far. I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson to your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else that you feel is seeking personal health help!  

Now that I have the knowledge and commitment to helping my body naturally (with all the credit to Dr. Nelson), I will always seek her advice, I have a long way to go, but I can tell you that I was feeling so bad that I was actually thinking that suicide was the best option for me because this ill feeling was slowly killing me. Thank you, Dr. Nelson.... for saving my life – I truly mean that. *

Lynn Sotirake

Canonsburg, PA