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Dr. Valerie Nelson

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor


 To Those Seeking a Healthy Change ……….. I am a 55-year old diabetic who has been seeking an alternative to the medical treatment of my disease. Through Dr. Nelson and the help of the Lord , I've been able to find this alternative. Her weight loss program has helped me to lose a great amount of weight and changed my eating habits all for the good. And I must add, in less than 5 weeks I went from 218 lbs. to 204 lbs. My goal is to weigh 195 lbs.  

With the weight loss, my sugar level has come under control and I have come back to being normal. Trusting what Dr. Val has to say and letting the program work is what made all the difference. I could have easily said “I’m not going to do this” and seen no results. Thank the Lord I didn’t and I’m feeling great! Dr. Nelson has put her heart and soul into this practice and it shows. Trust is a big part of this program. I’ve told many people of our success together and would tell anyone who is looking for a change in health and wellness to put their trust in Dr. Nelson's programs. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll look better to others. Remember, our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit. We should make it as perfect as we can. *


Robert E. Franczak

McMurray, PA