Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

Radii Solaris

**If you have come into the office for an eye exam and we have told you about the radii (spokes) indicated in the eye, here is what that eye pattern looks like.

 This sign is probably one of the oldest ever identified. Its use has been extremely widespread. It has been used traditionally by the many herders to maintain the health of their herds, detecting a problem prior to the manifestation of symptoms. This sign gets its name because it appears as radials from a central object-the pupil. It actually looks like spokes coming out from the center of the pupil. Each of these radials (or spokes) indicates a low level of seepage from the intestinal tract into that area represented on the chart. Thus producing a low level of septasemia (septic blood) and inplamation. This area may be high in parasite activity.

The prevalence of parasites in the United States is extremely high with estimates as high as 90 percent. Most pathologist will agree that during most autopsies they find an extremely high rate of parasites. This sign is also very special because it causes a reflexed irritation of the nervous system at the level it is seen, plus directly affects the adjacent tissue (adjacent on the iris chart).

With this sign the colon and other areas of the G.I tract have a general and constant leakage of toxic material. This material goes directly into the blood. This sign indicates more than just routine seepage. It is as though a through has been dug right through the intestinal wall into the adjacent tissue, thus allowing toxic material into these areas at a very fast rate.

The above picture is a pattern that we often see during the iridology exam in our office. The pattern is called nerve or stress rings. When we see these rings on the outer portion of the eye, it is an indication that the client needs to be supplemented and supported with nutrients that will help combat any type of disorder that is associated with stress. This could indicate a pattern of depression, anxiety or nerve disorders.