Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

Healthy Again – A Family’s Testimony

  By the time I began seeking the help of Dr. Valerie Nelson, my daughter was breaking out every day with hives. We already knew she was allergic to dairy and food coloring, and were keeping her on a strict diet, so the daily rash was extremely puzzling. During the consultation, Dr. Nelson found out that she was allergic to wheat, corn and most nuts! With any other doctor we have seen, this would have been the end of the visit and a very difficult diet to follow. T he amazing part is that through muscle testing, Dr. Valerie was able to determine what was causing my daughter’s allergies and what the antidote would be. It was a matter of giving her body what it was missing, which would fix her digestion, and begin the body’s natural healing process. 

I left the visit hopeful but somewhat skeptical that the solution could be that simple. Within two weeks of her treatment, my daughter was able to drink milk again, eat some wheat and hasn’t had a single case of hives. She feels like she is getting her life back. Her moods have also been much better and she is sleeping through the night which used to be a struggle for her. I had also sought the help of many doctors, both traditional and alternative, for help with my own digestive problems and chemical sensitivities. 

In the first visit, Dr. Nelson was able to figure out the cause of my problems (something most doctors don’t look for) and determine what it would take for my body to get back to a healthy state. As with my daughter, within a few weeks I was feeling better than I have felt in years.

On a side note, two doctors had previously told me that oral chelation was the only way I would be able to rid my body of the heavy metal overload I had dealt with for a decade. This is an expensive and controversial therapy that has many side effects. Through ionic foot bath treatment, I have done in two weeks what it may have taken me two years to accomplish! I highly recommend Dr. Valerie Nelson to anyone considering a healthier life or the answers to long-standing health issues. She clearly has a gift from God to help people heal naturally and a passion to see everyone reach their full potential. * 

God Bless, Maya Chappell