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Hoax or Not?

In reference to the foot bath, we are very much aware of the skepticism out there. Our foot bath machines DO NOT work if there are not feet in them (maybe some of them do, but ours do not).

If you are skeptical, come in for a session and be sure to SMELL IT when you are done. The internet skeptics cannot explain the "smell" of a human foot bath. They cannot explain how each foot bath detox session looks different from person to person. See pictures below of how they all look a bit different depending on what is being pulled out during the session.

We strive to be really upfront with our clientele and explain this right off the bat. And by all means, feel free to "smell" your foot bath (at your own risk, of course) after the session is over! All that goes into the water is tap water; sea salt; a plastic casing with a stainless steel coil (called an array). There is no way that those items would make any type of smell. Every session looks a bit different from each other. If it were the machine producing the colors in the water, then every foot bath would look the same.

Again, our foot bath machines DO NOT work if there are not feet in them.

We do hundreds of these sessions each year and please keep in mind that there are always going to be individuals out there trying to discredit natural health practices. So often, these are the same individuals that are promoting the toxic medications that the American Medical Association admits is killing 108,000 people every year. People tell us over and over again the results that they are having from these detox sessions. They work very similarly to acupuncture sessions, as they stimulate the energy systems in the body to detoxify.

We have had many skeptical people come in for a session at least to give it a try and even though they don't quite understand how it all works (nor do we), they will come back for more sessions because they have felt and seen the results. Matter of fact, we had a 'skeptical' engineer come in & even though he could not figure out how the machines work, he admittedly had so many benefits that he purchased his own professional machine for $1200. 

We also have a nursing instructor from Ohio purchase her own $1200 machine after having such tremendous results and her chiropractor could see such a difference in her that he started using them on his own patients.

We remind people that we are very aware of the consequences of Revelation 21:8 and would not jeopardize our relationship with God over a foot bath machine. On the other hand, we are not going to allow people on the internet to intimidate us from helping others - we do hundreds of sessions for individuals each year and they would have no reason to tell us that they are having the results that they are having, if they were not being helped.

Below is a chart in which independent researchers did. It shows that the water had ammonia, nitrates and phosphates that could have only come from the body. All of this is proof that after the ionic foot bath session that the cells have detoxed toxins. The below report shows that toxins are definitely being removed!