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Footbath Testimonials

"My major complaint since my twenties (I am 51) has been headaches, migraines, and joint pain. About five years ago I also developed plantar fasciitis, which requires a lot of stretching, and wearing expensive orthotic inserts. In the last couple of years my joint pain (especially in an elbow, a wrist, shoulders, and ankles) has increased significantly. During my first appointment, Dr. Nelson recommended that I do a series of four footbaths in a month, followed by a maintenance footbath at least once a month. I had never heard of footbath detoxification, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it the way she advised. After my second footbath, I felt that my foot pain was much less. By the time I finished my third, I realized that my elbow and wrist were no longer bothering me. I literally had to press on them to feel any tenderness! After the fourth, I realized that it had been a week since I had a headache and no migraines all month! I feel that the footbaths (if I maintain a regular maintenance schedule of at least one every three weeks) have the potential to make a huge difference in my life and overall health. I recently had blood work done, and my doctors were amazed at how my cholesterol numbers improved. The only thing I can attribute this to is doing regular footbaths and taking Dr. Nelson's Supplements! I highly recommend them. Isn’t improving your quality of life worth a try?!" --- Amy, Pittsburgh *

"I have a rare autoimmune skin condition, granuloma annulare, that makes my skin red and blotchy and bumpy. After my first 30 minute footbath, I visibly noticed that the skin on my hand was less red and blotchy! Then the next time I decided to do a 60 minute footbath and the results increased more! My skin was noticeably less red and blotchy again - even on my legs. I can't believe how many toxins the footbath pulls out. It's incredible that it all comes out through the pores of your feet!" -- Lucia, Pittsburgh *

"In Hawaii, centipedes are common and their bites are very painful. About 4 weeks before my trip to Pittsburgh, I was bitten on my left foot. My foot swelled tremendously, the pain was excruciating, and the foot was bright pink. Even after days of elevation and ice, there still remained swelling, discomfort and a pink discoloration to the foot.After my first footbath, all swelling, discoloration and tenderness was gone! The left food looked just like the right foot again!Now Abundant Life Wellness is my “go to” whenever I’m in Pittsburgh!"---Thank you, Betsy*

“I took a medication, Cipro, and suffered kidney damage. The Nephrologist called it acute as opposed to chronic. That meant it could be reversed in 3 to 6 months. My kidney filtration rate (GFR) was 43/100. I am extremely sensitive and was feeling sicker than what my numbers warranted. I was also very itchy, a sign the kidneys were not filtering protein, potassium, phosphorus and calcium - thus making me toxic. I did 5 footbaths in 5 weeks. After the 1st one, I had relief on the lower right side. The 2nd one gave me relief on the lower left side. The 3rd one calmed my left shoulder area. The itchy feeling diminished from the lower trunk and up to the neck area with each footbath session. In 2 months, my GFR went up to 58/100 (below 60 is kidney disease, so I made tremendous improvement! I am also doing supplements that Dr. Nelson recommended, but best of all, I feel like myself and still making progress. Praise God! He heals today!!" -- Jane M. Pittsburgh *

"I went to Abundant Life Wellness when I had a bad respiratory infection. The infection was lasting several weeks. In desperation, I decided to try an hour footbath detox and hour lymphatic massage from Jenna. Wow, I was amazed! Those 2 services truly helped to clear up my respiratory infection and regain my optimum health."

- Lucy, Pittsburgh *

I started seeing Dr. Nelson at Abundant Life Wellness over two years ago. I immediately signed up for a membership for a monthly massage and footbath. I have found both immensely helpful to my overall heath, especially the footbath. I am in my late 30's and have struggled with knee pain since my early 20's after I had to have the ACL in my right knee replaced. As early as my very first footbath I began to notice a difference in my knees. The stiffness and aches have been reduced a great deal. I was also working a part-time retail job at the time where I had to stand for several hours and my feet always ached. After I started getting my footbaths, I noticed my feet no longer hurt. After a footbath detox, I feel lighter, healthier and much more relaxed. I also get a massage once a month which helps a great deal with the neck and back pain that are caused from sitting at a computer all day. Overall, I have noticed an improvement in all my aliments since I began coming to Abundant Life Wellness and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about seeing Dr. Nelson to definitely give it a try. It is a very calming and relaxing place and the staff are friendly and inviting. -- Kristy, Pittsburgh *

"As soon as I started having footbath detox sessions, I noticed that my back pain was greatly reduced. I did not need to go to the chiropractor near as much as before." -- Carol M. *

"I started being treated by Dr. Nelson in June of 2015. I had been on several pain medications for what was called fibromyalgia and arthritis. My doctor did not know what to do with me anymore, as no pain medicine was working. My doctor told me to go to the pain clinic. My friend told me to try Dr. Nelson instead. Dr. Nelson told me to give her program 6 weeks and to follow it precisely and we would know at that point in time if it was going to work for me. I stayed on Dr. Nelson's plan which included supplements and a weekly footbath detox session. After 2 weeks, my pain reduced by 25%. Within one month, the pain subsided by 50%. By 2 months, the pain reduced by 75% and by the 3rd month, the pain was reduced by 95%. I am thrilled with the progress. I remain on the supplements and my maintenance with the footbaths sessions is one time per month. This therapy has helped give me my life back! " -- John Barrett *

"I was suffered with chronic sinus issues for years. After my first footbath, I could feel a clearing of the sinuses. I now come on a regular basis because it helps so much." -- Vicki L. *

"My wife and I came in for footbath sessions in 2014. My wife had body inflammation and a constant all over body odor from chemicals that she was exposed to at her job. The next morning after the footbath sessions, my wife noticed that her inflammation was greatly reduced. After being on the supplements recommended by Dr. Nelson, the body odor subsided too. Completely sold on these detox treatments!" -- Cody B. *

"We wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the foot baths and how its affected our health. We both woke up this morning after a great nights sleep, feeling totally refreshed. My wife was ecstatic to realize that she actually appeared a few pounds lighter and proved it by trying on clothes that were tighter the day before. I noticed a difference in both our bodies as well. I also noticed a much greater running endurance and breathing ability when i did my running routine. Also, my joints and body usually feel run down by Sunday after a rigorous weight training and work week and we both feel kind of groggy and unmotivated on the weekend mornings. Not so today! We are sold! We are looking forward to our next visit. We will be getting supplements soon. We are certainly glad we came there and this is our answer to out prayers! Well worth the 2 hour drive from West Virginia! Thanks again!" Sincerely, Geneva and Ron Melvin *

"I recently had a surgery on my foot and my sister in law recommended that I come in to try a footbath session. I could not believe how much better my foot felt after the sessions. I have continued to come every week to help my foot heal faster and can really tell a difference." ~~ Bob, West Virginia *

"I have always had trouble sleeping, well at least for the past few years. I was a bit skeptical, but decided to try a footbath detox session. I slept very soundly the first night, but I still was not sure if the footbath detox could have that type of effect on me. I continued to sleep good, but after a couple of weeks, my poor sleep habits returned. I went in to have another detox session and guess what? I started sleeping good again. Dr. Nelson explained to me that sometimes if the liver is toxic that it can interrupt sleep patterns. Anytime I am not sleeping well, I get a footbath and have relief again." ~~ Ryan W.

"I am a diabetic and have constant pain in my feet. It feels like I am walking on pins. My daughter was getting married and I wanted to walk her down the aisle. My wife suggested that I try a footbath session. I could not believe the difference in my foot pain. It was greatly relieved. " -- Frances V. *

"I heard about Dr. Nelson and the footbath sessions. I decided to give it a try and boy I was sure glad that I did. I slept like a baby and had so much more energy over the next few days. I was able to clean my house and shop and cook for my family. My fibromyalgia prohibited me from doing so many things that I truly enjoy." ~~ Sandy G. *

"I was very skeptical but I agreed to a footbath. During this footbath, I experienced a popping in my right shoulder and noticed I could now move it without any pain. To this day, I have not experienced any further shoulder pain. After 3 months of treating with Dr. Nelson, I have stopped all of the biological medicines that were damaging my organs and causing a lot of my weight gain. I am slowly becoming more and more active as the swelling and weight is starting to drop off. 

  My joint pain is decreasing so much that I even feel like exercising! I have had such great success and I owe it all to Dr. Nelson and her staff. They are beyond professional and always friendly and encouraging. Dr. Nelson always seems to take her time and she really LISTENS. Instead of fixing the symptoms, she is getting to the root of my poor health. I recommend Dr. Nelson and Naturopathic Medicine to anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired! * -- Cathy F.

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