Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

Muscle Testing Explained

It's All About The Atom

At Abundant Life Wellness, it is our desire to assist your body in reaching its optimal health. In order to do this, we must first determine your body’s needs and the root causes for any ailments. One method we may utilize for learning this information about your body is muscle testing.

            Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology or biokinesiology, was developed in the 1960s by Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor to the U.S. Olympic Team. Dr. Goodheart was nominated for a Nobel Prize for his work in this area. This system uses a series of reflex points on the body as a form of discerning the electrical activity within the body. By looking at the body on this level, a practitioner can recommend supplements that will aid in your body in the healing process. In our office, muscle testing is either done through sitting or standing. When seated, the client will extend his/her arm in front of his/her body and look straight ahead. Dr. Nelson will then touch the various reflex points on the client’s body and apply pressure to the client’s arm. When standing, the client will place his/her left arm at his/her side. With the right arm, he/she will touch various reflex points on his/her body (with Dr. Val’s guidance). While touching these points, Dr. Nelson will pull on the client’s left arm. In both methods, the client will attempt to resist the push or pull. If the client cannot resist (the arm moves downward or the client cannot maintain balance), the corresponding reflex point is showing weakness. To address the weakness, Dr. Nelson will test a variety of supplements using the same methodology. Interestingly, when the right supplement is applied, the muscle’s strength increases. 

At times it may be difficult to muscle test a client due to energy being blocked or a significant injury. When this occurs, we may use serrogate testing. Our assistant will sit beside the client, placing her hand on the client’s back. Dr. Nelson will then push on the assistant’s arm while touching the reflex points on the client. The client’s energy will flow through the assistant much like electricity flowing through an extension cord. This alternative method provides Dr. Nelson valuable information regarding a client’s base needs.

            The science behind biokinesiology goes back to your high school biology class. Remember learning that the basic unit of matter is an atom? And the three parts of the atom are protons, neutrons, and electrons? When a cell is healthy, the electrons in its atoms will whirl around the nucleus (protons + neutrons) of the cell. This whirling action creates an electromagnetic field. Because all matter is made up of cells, all matter has an electromagnetic field. (For more information on this, you can research Kirlian photography or studies performed by I. Dumitrescu of Romania.) The electromagnetic field can become disturbed when an outside force acts upon the atom. This outside force can decrease the whirling of the electrons. Imbalance is created, and the cell is short-circuited. 

           During muscle testing, the body will elicit an electromagnetic response that corresponds with the point being touched. If a weakness (or “short-circuit”) is detected, the arm will move downward. However, integrating a supplement can cause the inhibiting factor to diminish; the electrons will whirl and the arm will be immovable. 

           By testing clients in this way, Dr. Nelson is able to get to the root of maladies. With the Lord’s help, she is able to determine supplements that will enhance cell function and bring you to your optimal health.

Provided in part by Dr. Reuben DeHaan,

A summary of The Nature of Reality and the Origin of Matter: An Overall Thesis of Human Electromagnetics.