Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

7 Year Old Boy with Nervous Tics

 Two years ago, my son Nathan, then seven years old, was hospitalized with symptoms that looked very much like a brain tumor, after much testing we were grateful to find out that he did not have a brain tumor, but rather a condition that was caused by an excess of spinal fluid in the brain. The condition is very rare in seven-year-old boys, so while the fluid was taken care of with a medical procedure and medication, the long term effects were not really known.

This past summer, just before school started, Nathan began to be bothered by different nervous tics. These ranged from head jerks to mouth grimaces and excessive eye blinking, eyebrow raising and consistently biting his upper lip. We discussed the problem with his neurologist who said our best option would be to use an anti-depressant to control his stress level and a low dose of magnesium to try to help with the tics. My husband and I discussed our options and both felt strongly that an anti-depressant was something neither of us was comfortable with. After some online searching we found that some children were helped with natural medicine, but we really had no idea where to start with a supplement program.

One Sunday at church I was feeling especially distressed by Nathan’s tics. He was to be baptized in front of the church that morning and he could not control his head movement. After confiding my concerns to a friend, she asked me, “Have you ever considered trying natural medicine?” It felt as though the Lord himself spoke through her as she told me about Dr. Nelson and how she had been helped by her. I made an appointment as soon as possible, beginning a journey of healing for Nathan.

Through the past nine months we have seen Dr. Nelson consistently. We found through the muscle testing that the low dose of magnesium was not nearly enough for him. She has helped us adjust supplements and footbaths until we have reached a point that Nathan is currently tic free. I am a firm believer that the supplements and herbal formulas Nathan takes have made all the difference in the world. Anytime we become inconsistent with his program due to illness or forgetfulness, the tics begin to reappear.

Nathan loves Dr. Nelson and enjoys going to her office. Our entire family is grateful to her for her kind and gentle spirit and for her knowledge. She is a godsend and I recommend her highly to anyone suffering with anything. God has used her to change our son’s life for the better and we are extremely grateful. *

Maralee M.

Bethel Park, PA