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Dr. Valerie Nelson

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

"Why I became a Naturopathic Doctor":

Blue Light - Is it Damaging your Eyes?

Beneficial Herbs to Balance your Hormones Naturally

Set these 3 Realistic Goals to Succeed!

"Is Naturopathic Medicine Affordable For You?"

Why a 3 Step Process is Necessary to Kill Candida

"Taking Ibuprofen Increases Your Chance of a Heart Attack!"

"4 Products for Less Than $2 per day, Really?!"

"Are you Scared of the Flu Shot?"

"Is Your Thyroid Making You Sick?"

"Pittsburgh Hospital Used To Be A Homeopathic Hospital!"

"6 Weeks To A Pain Free Life!"

"Heal Urinary Tract Infections Naturally"

"3 Tips To Not Get Sick"

"Very Important Information On Dr. Nelson's Education"

"Be Sure To Watch This 2 Minute Video & Share"

"Benefits of Suntanning and Toxic Sunscreens To Avoid"

"Scary Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners"

"Eliminate Warts Naturally"

A Must Have For Winter - Fight Cold & Flus Naturally

Are you Sleeping?

What is CBD Oil, Really?

Blue Light - is it Damaging your Eyes?

Beneficial Herbs for Balancing Hormones

Autism and the Vitamin B Connection

Barefoot Walking Benefits

What Do You Take in Your Coffee? It may be dangerous...