Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

     Dr. Valerie Nelson, ND has been working with pets successfully for years.

She started her "human" natural health practice in 2007 and she personally had a cat that was

diagnosed with cancer and they wanted to put her cat down,

as she had not eaten for days. Dr. Nelson kindly said "nope" to the vet; took her

home and started administering herbs to her. Within days, the cat was back on her feet and still

healthy and alive today. In sharing this story, individuals started to contact her

for holistic homeopathic appointments for

their dogs and cats. She has been successfully helping others with their animals with life-

threatening conditions.

Since her office is set up for 'human beings' and not animals, she offers

individuals phone appointments and shipping out the supplies that the

owners need for their pets.

Pets respond amazingly to natural, non-toxic treatments.

Even though Dr. Nelson is not a holistic veterinarian, she has been

able to help animals with non-toxic medicines.

(sometimes has been able to resolve things that

traditional vets have not)!