Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

Phone Appointment With Jenna

I was born and raised in the best environment for breeding a nutritional counselor. My mother (Dr. Nelson) is a Natural Doctor, and has exposed me to the amazing benefits of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, detoxification and aromatherapy. So, in essence, I have had over 20 years of one on one training – something that no classroom or textbook can ever teach you. From a young age I totally embraced natural health.

As a toddler I had a pretty serious kidney issue in which I was told I could potentially have to be on dialysis or need a kidney transplant if I did not get it rectified. My mother (Dr. Nelson) put me on a totally natural program and I started swallowing vitamins at age 3! Needless to say, when I went back to Children's hospital, the problem completely reversed itself. My mother (Dr. Nelson), just kept her lips sealed because 20 years ago natural medicine was greatly frowned upon.

Throughout the years of growing up, it brings so much joy to me knowing that my mother has helped so many people since she has had the privilege to work with over 1,000 people one on one successfully through her practice. It is a privilege to help others as she does.

We realize that not every one has the resources to do a private appointment with Dr. Nelson, but would still like some of her expertise in a more affordable fashion. -- That is where I come in. 

As a licensed massage therapist, I have also finished my degree in Certified Nutritional Counseling.

During your phone consultation, we will talk about your health concerns so that I can put together a supplement plan for you to get you on the road to health. I will consult with Dr. Nelson to review your plan (so you will still be getting much of her expertise) and I will email the plan back to you.

I look forward to getting you healthy! To book your phone appointment, please see the details below.

- Jenna, Certified Nutritional Counselor

Maybe you don't have the funds to schedule a face to face consultation with Dr. Nelson, but you still need natural health advice?

Perhaps this is an option for you: 

Schedule a 30 minute phone appointment with Jenna.

Here is some more information:

~ $39 for 30 minute phone appointment & customized supplement plan for you

~ After your phone appointment with Jenna, she meets with Dr. Nelson & Jenna puts a customized plan together for you

To book your phone consultation, click on the button below. Phone Consultations are approximately 30 minutes on the phone initially gathering information, then Jenna meets with Dr. Nelson to finalize your plan. Jenna will put your plan together and email it back to you.