Dr. Valerie Nelson​

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

My Daughter was Very Sick

 My daughter, Emma, is eight years old. She has been extremely difficult since birth. Our biggest challenge since age six months has been food. Emma has never enjoyed eating. In fact, she despised it. Medical doctors would not take my concerns seriously until Emma fell off the growth chart. It was then that they labeled her “failure to thrive.” No one had any answers for me. We all knew that if things got too bad Emma would require a feeding tube. We knew that Emma had chemical and food sensitivities as well as heavy metal toxicity, but we had no idea how to rid her body of the poisons within. Abundant Life Wellness, Dr. Nelson and the ionic foot baths were an answer to our prayers. 

So far, Emma has done four foot baths and we’ve seen so many toxins come out of our daughter’s feet! Amazingly, Emma (who has stomach aches every day) would be relieved of her stomach pain within the first five minutes of the foot bath.   

Our family did not get to see Dr. Nelson’s amazing love, gifts and commitment to health until very recently. A week and a half ago Emma got very ill. She stopped eating and drinking completely. She lost five pounds within a week (her weight was only 34 at this point). At the weeks end, we had her to two different hospitals to receive IV fluids. Both hospitals diagnosed her with strep throat. We wanted her better. We willingly accepted the script for amoxicillin.

Unfortunately, Emma refused to take the medication. We tried liquid, chewables as well as capsules. None were palatable to her. We knew from past experience that if we forced her to take her meds that she would vomit. Our only option, we thought, was to have antibiotics injected into her. Dr. Nelson showed us how effective a natural approach can be. She worked with Emma giving her the herbal medicines that she needed. Emma, willingly did everything that Dr. Nelson asked her to. Over the next few days, Emma ate and drank and became somewhat active, but she remained chalky white. We decided to make another visit to Abundant Life Wellness. 

Dr. Val continued to do everything that she knew to strengthen Emma. She agreed to work with her again. By the next day, Emma had rosy cheeks and was energetic and joyful.

Most amazingly, Emma immediately began to try new foods! Everyone in our family (siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents) were speechless. We had all been trying for eight years to get Emma to eat. For the first time in her life, she is excited about food and enjoys eating. We cannot thank Dr. Nelson enough. She has given our daughter what no other doctor was able-health. God is using her to do some amazing work! So many people are hesitant to try alternative health methods, many times because services are not covered by insurance. For us, coming to Abundant Life Wellness was much more affordable than the many parking garage fees, tanks of gas, specialist co pays, and prescription drugs. All of these things, at best, only brought us temporary solutions to our complex daughter. 

 Dr. Nelson is truly committed to long term health. She follows God’s direction to get each and every one of her clients living and feeling well. We have been blessed beyond measure to experience her love and services. *

Amy C,

Houston, PA

God Wants Us Well!

Four year old Mia, a typically happy and highly energetic child woke up ill. She was lying motionless on the sofa and was burning up with fever. Mia’s sister had strep throat for several weeks, and I thought “Oh no, not another one.” I hated the idea of having to take her, along with my other three children, to the Pediatricians office. There are so many germs there. It seems that we always leave taking another virus with us. I also despised the notion of putting my little Mia on an antibiotic because Dr. Nelson had informed me of how antibiotics continue to weaken your immune system. Dr. Nelson taught me that there are natural herbal antibiotics that do not destroy your immune system. My regular pediatricians seem to be unaware of that. For these reasons, I decided to contact Dr. Nelson. We were so elated to hear that she had an opening in her schedule. She worked with Mia for several hours, on and off. At first, she gave her elderberry-echinacea syrup and also massaged oil of oregano into the souls of her feet. She repeated these remedies about once per hour. She prayed with Mia, that Jesus would heal her. Then, as she was divinely directed, Dr. Nelson decided to massage the acupressure point for fever. Over and over, Dr Nelson used her thumbs, gently pressing on Mia’s forearm. Mia whimpered as if she was in pain. Within a few minutes the fever was gone! I had never witnessed anything like this before. For the rest of the evening, Mia was a little sluggish, but she had no other symptoms of being ill. By the next morning, she was back to her normal self, super active and asking for breakfast. This experience really strengthened my faith in God’s power. I do believe that He wants us well. Dr. Nelson is a great tool that He is using. I encourage anyone that is suffering from illness to take advantage of the wonderful talents and gifts that she has to offer.

Thank you!, *

Mia’s Mom