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We, at Abundant Like Wellness have been assisting clients for years with sleep issues

**Some people combine 2 - 3 of these products together and this perfectly safe to do. Depends on how tough your case of sleeplessness is.

Sweet Dreams this works for a very high percentage of people, but REMEMBER that individuals are so unique. Some people do extremely well on just Sweet Dreams alone, but some people need to add another one of our formulations for sleep. Here are some other formulations that have helped clients in additional to Sweet Dreams.

Stress Calming Factors - If stress or busy-brain is keeping you up at night, incorporate 4-6 Stress Calming Factors per day, along with the Sweet Dreams. Take 2 - 3 at lunch time and 2 - 3 at dinner. to help turn off your busy brain. This also calms the worrier throughout the day and helps with mood swings.

Stress Calming Testimonial: "I am always juggling work, home, kids and community commitments. I have problems falling asleep because my mind keeps racing about all the things on my to-do list. I have been taking Stress Calming Factors for a little over a week and find that I 'm not as tense or stressed & have a much easier time falling asleep. Glad I tried it."

Triple Magnesium/Triple Calcium - This has always been a client favorite, it is especially helpful if you have sluggish bowels; muscle cramps; restless leg syndrome and/or headaches as this formulation is not only helpful for sleep, but the aforementioned conditions as well. This has been a client favorite over the years.  

Triple Magnesium/Triple Calcium Testimonial: "I've been trying to go off of habit forming sleeping meds. There were some rough nights with no sleep. I ordered this product and slept 5 solid hours the first night. The second night I slept about 6 1/2 hours. I was still waking up some, but I got back to sleep easily. I've been recommending it to friends and family. Leg cramps also disappeared. I rarely review items unless I feel strongly one way or the other. If you cannot sleep, give this a try. I'm now sleeping a good 8 hours and am about to cut my prescription dose down the last notch. I'll be free of those drugs soon. I don't think I could have done it without this product."

**Some people combine 2 - 3 of these products together and this perfectly safe to do. Depends on how tough your case is.

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