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Clients Share Healing Stories

**Even though these testimonials are honest and exact stories written by our clients, in order to show our website,

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Clients Share Healing Stories

**Even though these testimonials are honest and exact stories written by our clients, in order to show our website,

google requires us to put this statement on every testimony “Results Are Not Typical and Will Vary For Each Individual."

My Chronic Extreme Pain is 95% Gone!

"In 2012, I was diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was put on several different medications. I did not want to be one all of these medications. I really wanted to know what was wrong with me, not be put on toxic medications. I felt like I was too young not to have any answers as to why I was in all of this pain. I literally did not want to walk up my steps to my bedroom, as the pain was so bad. It was very difficult for me to continue to work, but I need to support my family.

In 2013 and 2014, the pain just got worse and worse, so I was just given more medication to try to treat the pain. The medical doctors even put me on anti-seizure meds, but that still did not work. I honestly was getting very discouraged and feeling hopeless. Most of the pain was in my knees, shoulders and hip.

After all of this, the medical doctors recommended me to go to the pain clinic. In the meanwhile, I had a friend tell me about Dr. Valerie Nelson and suggested that I give naturopathic medicine a chance. So, I set up my appointment.

One of the health questions was “Do you want Dr. Nelson to pray for you during the appointment?” Of course, I said ‘yes’ because I wanted every chance I could get to feel better.

Dr. Nelson encouraged me that she had been successful utilizing vitamins, mineral and homeopathy therapies and that within 6 weeks we would know if the program was going to work for me. She told me that there would be a number of natural medicines that we would need to try & that I needed to follow the program exactly & we would know soon enough. I had to admit that this was not like other doctors appointments, but again, I was so tired of living daily in chronic pain that I was willing to give it a try. I was very happy that my HSA account would cover the expenses. She also told me that I needed to come in every week for a footbath detox session and I did what she said.

Within 2 weeks, my pain had reduced by 25% -- within one month, the pain was reduced by 50% -- by 2 months, the pain reduced by 75% and by the 3rd month, the pain was reduced by 95% !!

When I returned for my follow up at the medical doctor’s office, the office staff said “Wow, I can see that going to the pain clinic really helped you out!” I excitedly told them “Nope! The Naturopathic Doctor is who got me better! 

My medical doctor was so impressed and he saw Dr. Nelson’s husband at a gathering and actually sought him out saying “hey, your wife really helped one of my patients! He then proceeded to ask for some of her business cards because he could see how much I had been helped!

This has been such a life changing experience for me that I tell anyone who is willing to listen!"

~~ John Barrett, Pittsburgh *

10 Year Old with Anxiety

  My 10 year old daughter has a history of anxiety that started when she was very young. What started as "separation anxiety" as a toddler became more severe as she got older. She was anxious around large groups of people, strangers, and did not like to be away from home. She cried most days during school for 5 years. She struggled in school, as her anxiety left her unable to ask for help when needed or to complete difficult work on time. At home she was unmotivated to participate in family activities, and preferred to be alone.

My husband and I tried everything to help our child. We met with her teachers and principal, we took her to counseling, tried relaxation techniques, and took her to a psychiatrist who prescribed anti anxiety medication. We even moved her to a private school which provided a smaller class size. Nothing we tried made much of a difference.

We took her to see Dr. Nelson who began treating her for anxiety. Within 2 days of taking her supplements she has been like a completely different child. She is talking more, interacting with the family, and having fun! She is getting her homework done on time, has chosen to participate in a school art contest, and is looking forward to an overnight class trip in the spring. It's so nice to see our daughter laughing, smiling, and enjoying her life. She notices a difference too and has told us that she's glad she's feeling better.

During her initial visit, Dr. Nelson spent the time to create an appropriate plan of treatment. She and her assistant went over the plan with my daughter, and showed her how and when to take her supplements. My daughter fondly refers to Dr. Nelson as the "nice doctor" and we are so thankful for her care and her expertise. I would definitely recommend Abundant Life Wellness to anyone. I am so thankful for the thoughtfulness that Dr. Nelson and her staff has shown. *

Sheri S.

Indiana, PA

Extreme Pain – Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 8 yrs. I have been on numerous medicines and none have ever stopped the pain and swelling I was having. It started in my hands and feet and gradually moved to several other joints.(knee’s, hip’s, shoulder’s) The swelling in my hands and feet was so bad that I was unable to get up and down with having terrible pain. Walking was increasingly becoming harder and kneeling was impossible. I could not lift anything that was heavier than 5lbs. without having more pain and causing additional swelling. This really affected my work as I sat at a computer all day. I had to frequently get up and walk around. I had to change the way I shop for food because I couldn’t carry the heavy bags. Laundry and cleaning also had to be done in smaller amounts. I was unable to run the sweeper at all because my right shoulder was so stiff and sore I could barely move it.    

It was depressing to not be able to do the things that gave me pleasure in the past. I loved to clean and took pride in my home. Eventually I had to stop doing these chores. My husband starting to do them for me and that really made me feel guilty. To top it all off, I was also going through menopause and having hot flashes and night sweats. I could not sleep a full night and I was frequently getting up to go to the bathroom. My doctors put me on several different medicines and none of them seemed to help.   

 Due to all the different medications, I started to develop other issues like hypertension, reflux disease and obesity. I tried to lose weight through all the latest fades like Atkins, Grapefruit diet, diet pills etc. Nothing helped me lose any weight. I just became frustrated and more depressed as I got heavier and heavier. The more weight I put on, the more swelling I had and the difficulty of moving around became increasingly worse. I stopped doing the activities I enjoyed such as bowling, gardening, and journaling. All of these activities now caused pain. 

 Eventually the doctors placed me on injectable medications which helped but did not take away the pain. They just kept increasing my doses and adding additional medications. I had to have monthly blood work to make sure my kidneys and liver were not affected by the drugs. I was so tired of taking pills and injecting myself. I had just reached my breaking point and so I prayed for the Lord to help me. I believe He led me to hear Dr. Nelson on the radio program on Word FM. I knew then I had to make an appointment with her. It only took one visit and everything changed. She took an extensive history of my current treatment and childhood health. We discussed not only physical but emotional and spiritual health as well. I was placed on a healthy regiment of vitamins and herbal medicines designed especially for me.  

I was very skeptical but I also agreed to a footbath. During this footbath, I experienced a popping in my right shoulder and noticed I could now move it without any pain. To this day, I have not experienced any further shoulder pain. After 3 months of treating with Dr. Nelson, I have stopped all of the biological medicines that were damaging my organs and causing a lot of my weight gain. I am slowly becoming more and more active as the swelling and weight is starting to drop off. 

  My joint pain is decreasing so much that I even feel like exercising! I have had such great success and I owe it all to Dr. Nelson and her staff. They are beyond professional and always friendly and encouraging. Dr. Nelson always seems to take her time and she really LISTENS. Instead of fixing the symptoms, she is getting to the root of my poor health. I recommend Dr. Nelson and Naturopathic Medicine to anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired! *

Cathy F.

McDonald, PA

Irritable Bowel Problems

I just would like to say that Dr. Valerie Nelson has literally been an answer to my prayer, and has changed my life overnight! For about 16 years, I did not know what was wrong with me. I suffered mentally, physically, and emotionally with my un-diagnosed stomach problems. Both my MD and my gastrointestinal doctor said it was a “classic” case of irritable bowel syndrome and that it would just be an inconvenience to my life. They really did not offer any hope of fixing my real problem.

 I knew deep down there was something wrong with me but didn't know what it was. From a referral through the church, a friend highly recommended that I go see Dr. Valerie Nelson and that she treats people with multiple problems ranging from mental/emotional/physical issues and that she may be able to help me.

Can I just say, WOW!! Dr. Valerie Nelson was not only down-to-earth and took the time to get to know me, but also felt that she could help me as well. And boy, did she!

 She did the muscle testing to determine that intestinal gut bacteria imbalances and food allergies were causing my problems. I was literally allergic to almost every food?! Strangely enough, I had had some of these same tests done through blood work, with other doctors and they were coming out fine? Her testing is able to determine things that obviously others were not able to determine was wrong. She then, gave me supplements and antidotes and within 1 day I was feeling like a million bucks compared to before. Before I saw Dr. Nelson, I got sick every time I was done eating. Now, with the supplements, antidotes, and the detox foot baths that Dr. Nelson recommended I take, I feel like a “NEW” person!!! I cannot imagine living the rest of my life like this as I am only in my 20's. That was what the other doctors told me that I would have to do. They told me that there was no treatment options for my condition!!

 I have energy again. I don’t have stomach pains anymore and I follow a high protein/veggie diet plan along with the supplements and antidotes and I feel great! I am very dedicated to my health plan and if you want to get better you need to as well! But the results are so worth it! Dr. Nelson treats the REASON, not the symptom and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for improvements in their lives in any areas of emotional/physical/mental/ pain etc.

Now several of my friends have also gone to see her as well because they know how dramatically I have been helped and for how many years that I was sick. 

 By the way, the foot bath detox sessions are definitely worth it! I have seen dramatic improvements in my life!!

  Thank you, Dr. Valerie Nelson!! *

Lauren Aiken


7 year Old Boy With Nervous Tics

 Two years ago, my son Nathan, then seven years old, was hospitalized with symptoms that looked very much like a brain tumor, after much testing we were grateful to find out that he did not have a brain tumor, but rather a condition that was caused by an excess of spinal fluid in the brain. The condition is very rare in seven-year-old boys, so while the fluid was taken care of with a medical procedure and medication, the long term effects were not really known.

This past summer, just before school started, Nathan began to be bothered by different nervous tics. These ranged from head jerks to mouth grimaces and excessive eye blinking, eyebrow raising and consistently biting his upper lip. We discussed the problem with his neurologist who said our best option would be to use an anti-depressant to control his stress level and a low dose of magnesium to try to help with the tics. My husband and I discussed our options and both felt strongly that an anti-depressant was something neither of us was comfortable with. After some online searching we found that some children were helped with natural medicine, but we really had no idea where to start with a supplement program.

One Sunday at church I was feeling especially distressed by Nathan’s tics. He was to be baptized in front of the church that morning and he could not control his head movement. After confiding my concerns to a friend, she asked me, “Have you ever considered trying natural medicine?” It felt as though the Lord himself spoke through her as she told me about Dr. Nelson and how she had been helped by her. I made an appointment as soon as possible, beginning a journey of healing for Nathan.

Through the past nine months we have seen Dr. Nelson consistently. We found through the muscle testing that the low dose of magnesium was not nearly enough for him. She has helped us adjust supplements and footbaths until we have reached a point that Nathan is currently tic free. I am a firm believer that the supplements and herbal formulas Nathan takes have made all the difference in the world. Anytime we become inconsistent with his program due to illness or forgetfulness, the tics begin to reappear.

Nathan loves Dr. Nelson and enjoys going to her office. Our entire family is grateful to her for her kind and gentle spirit and for her knowledge. She is a godsend and I recommend her highly to anyone suffering with anything. God has used her to change our son’s life for the better and we are extremely grateful. *

Maralee M.

Bethel Park, PA

Migraines Gone after 40 years

When I went to Dr. Nelson, (Abundant Life Wellness) on January 9, 2010, I had no idea how much my life would change in the next 6 weeks. I initially went for weight loss counseling but after being tested, found I needed a few supplements. With those supplements and 5 foot baths so far, I feel like a different person. I have suffered with headaches, mostly migraines for the past 40 years. I have taken every new medicine for them in that time with no results. They sometimes would go away from the medicine, but then return quickly. My prescription was for 9 pills per month and I would use all those and would need to borrow from my son-in-law to get me through. I have been hospitalized for headaches and have had many tests including EEG’s, and Cat scans of the brain. 

I began taking the supplements from Dr. Nelson on January 12, 2010, and I have not had ONE headache since. It is truly unbelievable how well I feel! Living without migraines is very refreshing. I have also never been able to attempt to loose weight without getting a headache and to date I have lost 7 pounds, without any headaches since January 12. I cannot begin to thank Dr. Nelson for helping me with this health issue that has been such a large and terrible part of my life for so long. 

Not only has going to Dr. Nelson helped me erase migraines from my health history to date but I also have fibromyalgia and the treatment I have received at Abundant Life has helped eliminate much of the pain associated with that. My chiropractor commented on the difference she has seen and asked me what I was doing differently. She also noticed that my skin looked “brighter” as she called it. I never doubted naturopathic treatment but didn’t know much about it. I firmly believe it has helped me tremendously. I thank God everyday for Dr. Nelson and her staff. I feel so blessed having them lead me to better health. 

Update - a year later and still no more migraines after 40 years!! (I am the blonde on the video). *

Jackie Liddle

Pittsburgh, PA

  Saying Good-bye to toxic anti-depressants

It’s been about eight years that I feel like I’ve been in a dark pit, wanting out. I remember wanting to be happy, but I thought that that was an impossible state for me. In a position of hopeless desperation, I agreed to take antidepressants. They helped me to feel “normal” but they did not cure me. I began to have extreme PMS as well as unpredictable menstrual cycles. My Gynecologist diagnosed me with PMDD and recommended that I go on birth control pills to stabilize my cycles. The first pill didn’t work, so I was told that I needed something stronger. I tried a second, and continued to have bleeding almost all month. I was tired of wasting money on prescriptions and I was tired of my erratic schedule. I am only in my thirties, I should not be feeling this way!!

Also, I was exhausted, in general because I could no longer sleep through the night. All of these things resulted in my relationships suffering with everyone that I had contact with, friends, family and everyone else. I was filled with anxiety and felt like I was constantly weeping or angry. Logically, I could think of so many blessings that should have made me happy, but I could not will myself to feel that way. Worst of all, I felt like I was disappointing God. I contacted Dr. Nelson and she assured me that she could help. She explained that often times antidepressants cause sleep problems and can lead to more serious diseases including fibromyalgia and bone deterioration. During my full exam, I told her that I would like to get off all of my medication. Dr. Nelson just smiled and said “Okay, let’s come up with a plan.” 

Her findings showed that I was nutritionally deficient in almost everything. She also said that my thyroid was off, as well as my internal sleep timer. She recommended a handful of supplements as well as some food that I could easily add to my diet. Within a couple of weeks, I began to see some dramatic changes. I began to sleep through the night. I’ve decreased my Zoloft twice; from 75 mg to 50 mg and now I’m down to 25 mg (the smallest dose available). My menstrual cycle is getting closer and closer to 28 days. During my PMS week I have no breast tenderness, weight gain, cramping nor psychotic episodes (all of which I had every month previously).  

Because of the supplements, I go to the bathroom more regularly -- that I thought was possible. This is an embarrassing subject, but this makes me feel like I could run a marathon! I’ve also been cured of other embarrassing G.I. issues. Feeling good has changed my life. My thinking is clear. I wake up ready to enjoy life. I realized that this is what God wanted for me. He doesn’t want any of us to struggle with depression every day. My family and friends, I’m sure are just as grateful to Dr. Nelson for her suggestions and guidance as I am. My children have a mom that smiles and laughs and is a great role model for taking care of oneself. My husband has a wife that he is happy to come home from work and see. My friends have a person with whom they can share joy. This was a healing experience for all of us.         

Soon, I’ll be off my Zoloft permanently. This experience has changed my life and has taught me the value of caring for “God’s Temple”. I can only pray that all of Dr. Nelson’s clients will have amazing results like mine. *

Signed: One Very Happy Camper!! (Amie)

Houston, PA

Sinus Infections Gone, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Down and Weight-Loss 

The last day of my vacation I started to develop upper respiratory problems. I thought that I had an infection and called my doctor’s office. I had been having these symptoms and would get to the point I was missing work about every 6 to 8 weeks for the last year and a half. The doctor would order an antibiotic. After one or two rounds it would go away. I would think that I had it licked and it would come back. When I was a child I had problems with sore throats and colds from time to time. Over the years, I would have frequent problems with bronchitis. I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. At that time I was told that anytime I started to get symptoms I needed to get treated or I would have problems again with getting pneumonia. So I was very faithful in calling my doctor when the symptoms would start. This particular time my doctor would not prescribe an antibiotic. I had to be seen. I saw the nurse practitioner. I had a virus. I was not allowed to return to work. I had a problem!! A very big problem! My employer had changed their occurrence policy. I was at the point I was going to be put into disciplinary action. One occurrence at the wrong time and I would be out of a job. I also did not want to make my fellow co-workers sick or my patients sick.  

As a nurse I am exposed to a lot of illnesses and I didn't want to be the one to pass it on. I was going to have to miss 3 days of work. I had to be seen by employee health and they lengthened my time off. I was told I was blowing bubbles in the back of my throat. I had lost my voice. I still was not put on any medication. It had been 3 days since I had seen the nurse practitioner. Employee health said I needed to be on an antibiotic and sent me back to the doctor’s office. At this point it was mentioned that my immune system was down – that I needed supplements to boost it. I returned to the doctor’s office. I was told I didn't need an antibiotic that it was a group of four viruses that like to crop up about every 4 – 6 weeks. The only thing that could be agreed upon was that I needed to boost my immune system.  

Employee health had given me some suggestions but when I went to the internet to order it there were 81,000 + sites for what they recommended. I knew that I needed help. I was desperate. I contacted Dr. Nelson's office. After an exam and some muscle strength testing, she put me on a footbath. After the first 10 minutes my head started to clear and by the end of the treatment I was able to breathe easily, my voice had returned. I only had a slight amount of sinus pressure. It was the best I had felt in days.  

After having discussions with my boss and employee health, I decided I needed to follow up on Dr. Nelson's suggestions. I never did get the antibiotics, only took the supplements that she put me on. I started her weight-loss program. The results after 6 months have been great. I have more energy. I have not missed a day of work. I may have had a sniffle or two but the foot bath seems to help that. My ears are no longer sore. I have not had a bad case of heartburn. I had one mild episode after going briefly off of the diet. I have lost 27.8 lbs so far. My cholesterol dropped from the 280’s to 131. My blood pressure has come back down. I have been told by my doctor not to take my blood pressure medicine for now and if I continue to lose weight I may be able to stay off it. I have found Dr. Nelson's help invaluable. This has been a big step for me with my traditional medical background. I still feel that seeing your medical doctor is very important but I also feel we are too quick sometimes to dismiss the holistic and natural approach that can help us. We need to be open-minded to both. Thank you, Nelson, I could not have gotten well without your help. *

Karen Durham, Registered Nurse

Lawrence, PA

Considered Suicide As Only Option

 To Dr. Nelson: Sometimes we search in all the wrong places for the right answers and simple help. Our bodies tell a story, our minds talk to us and it somehow knows something is wrong….but who believes us when we try to explain exactly what we are feeling??? You, Dr. Nelson……………………

To Others: I found Dr. Nelson through my dental hygienist. We were discussing how terrible I felt and told her I wished that I could feel somewhat good again. It was then that she mentioned that I should looking into contacting a Natural Doctor and Natural Health Healing professional named Valerie Nelson and that she was really impressed and heard of her while attending a seminar at her church. I was at my wit’s end. Feeling exhausted all the time, was previously diagnosed with occular melanomia (cancer) in my one eye (partially blind), dry skin, bad eating habits, dark circles under my eyes, gout in my foot, fibromyalgia, overweight and I mean the list went on and on. No doctor’s, so far, could help. 

Test after test, nothing was showing up wrong. I was desperately searching for help (6 years to be exact). I contacted Dr. Nelson's office the very next day. We met and she performed muscle testing on me! Finally, the story that my body was trying to tell was coming out! 

Wow, thyroid under functioning, body acid level very high, test that I have parasites, vitamin deficient and the list goes on. Every other doctor was saying there was nothing wrong when I knew that I was ill, but didn’t know why!! Who else would tell you this?????????? 

 I immediately thought after she gave me the results, wow, I am my medical doctors meal ticket for I was always visiting his office complaining about how ill I was feeling and telling him that something is wrong and asking him to please, please help me….all test showed nothing!! (It cost me dollars and cents every time and I got no better, nothing out of it, except more discouraged).  

Here is what I know now about myself after just one visit with Dr. Nelson: Thyroid under functioning – hard to lose weight unless you change some things internally – parasites (yuck because they eat up all of your nutrition and you just get the leftovers) – body acid level very high (very, very bad for a cancer patient). 

Deficient in vitamins/minerals (not good). I immediately asked Dr. Nelson what can I do to feel better – we talked and I picked up the supplements that she recommended – I felt like I finally had some answers and I put my whole belief in her and starting taking the natural healing products she so highly recommended based on my personal test results.  

Two Months Later (A new woman) - I am feeling so much better – I really can’t believe it. I am truly amazed that no other doctor could help me. Upon Dr. Nelson's recommendations, I am now on daily natural medications and can’t say enough about how it has changed my life so far. I would highly recommend Dr. Nelson to your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else that you feel is seeking personal health help!  

Now that I have the knowledge and commitment to helping my body naturally (with all the credit to Dr. Nelson), I will always seek her advice, I have a long way to go, but I can tell you that I was feeling so bad that I was actually thinking that suicide was the best option for me because this ill feeling was slowly killing me. Thank you, Dr. Nelson.... for saving my life – I truly mean that. *

Lynn Sotirake

Canonsburg, PA 

My Daughter was very sick

 My daughter, Emma, is eight years old. She has been extremely difficult since birth. Our biggest challenge since age six months has been food. Emma has never enjoyed eating. In fact, she despised it. Medical doctors would not take my concerns seriously until Emma fell off the growth chart. It was then that they labeled her “failure to thrive.” No one had any answers for me. We all knew that if things got too bad Emma would require a feeding tube. We knew that Emma had chemical and food sensitivities as well as heavy metal toxicity, but we had no idea how to rid her body of the poisons within. Abundant Life Wellness, Dr. Nelson and the ionic foot baths were an answer to our prayers. 

So far, Emma has done four foot baths and we’ve seen so many toxins come out of our daughter’s feet! Amazingly, Emma (who has stomach aches every day) would be relieved of her stomach pain within the first five minutes of the foot bath.   

Our family did not get to see Dr. Nelson’s amazing love, gifts and commitment to health until very recently. A week and a half ago Emma got very ill. She stopped eating and drinking completely. She lost five pounds within a week (her weight was only 34 at this point). At the weeks end, we had her to two different hospitals to receive IV fluids. Both hospitals diagnosed her with strep throat. We wanted her better. We willingly accepted the script for amoxicillin. 

Unfortunately, Emma refused to take the medication. We tried liquid, chewables as well as capsules. None were palatable to her. We knew from past experience that if we forced her to take her meds that she would vomit. Our only option, we thought, was to have antibiotics injected into her. Dr. Nelson showed us how effective a natural approach can be. She worked with Emma giving her the herbal medicines that she needed. Emma, willingly did everything that Dr. Nelson asked her to. Over the next few days, Emma ate and drank and became somewhat active, but she remained chalky white. We decided to make another visit to Abundant Life Wellness. 

Dr. Val continued to do everything that she knew to strengthen Emma. She agreed to work with her again. By the next day, Emma had rosy cheeks and was energetic and joyful. 

Most amazingly, Emma immediately began to try new foods! Everyone in our family (siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents) were speechless. We had all been trying for eight years to get Emma to eat. For the first time in her life, she is excited about food and enjoys eating. We cannot thank Dr. Nelson enough. She has given our daughter what no other doctor was able-health. God is using her to do some amazing work! So many people are hesitant to try alternative health methods, many times because services are not covered by insurance. For us, coming to Abundant Life Wellness was much more affordable than the many parking garage fees, tanks of gas, specialist co pays, and prescription drugs. All of these things, at best, only brought us temporary solutions to our complex daughter. 

 Dr. Nelson is truly committed to long term health. She follows God’s direction to get each and every one of her clients living and feeling well. We have been blessed beyond measure to experience her love and services. *

Amy C,

Houston, PA

March 2008   

 Fibromyalgia, Exhaustion, Osteoporosis and More….   

I first heard about Dr. Nelson through a friend at church. She was so excited about her results so I decided to give it a try. I have been seen by numerous doctors. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, mixed connective tissue disorders, severe osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis, sleep apnea, etc. I was in constant pain and exhaustion had become my normal state of being. I prayed for relief, for guidance. I believe God brought me to Dr. Nelson and was convinced after speaking with her on the phone when she said she prayed for God to send her people she could help. Before examining me she said the most beautiful heart-felt prayer. I tend to be skeptical and somewhat analytical, but after the footbath, I was sold. I have had a bad sinus infection, my thoughts were muddled and I felt tired. I could literally see the mucous being pulled from my body as I felt my head clearing. I felt like a new woman. I went home and slept soundly and the next day I was energized!!

Dr. Valerie Nelson put me on supplements and I’ve taken them faithfully. I have more energy than I’ve had in years, other people have even noticed and want to know what the difference is. I had experienced times when getting out of bed was difficult, now I wake up energized and joyful. I thank my heavenly Father for this gift and for Dr. Nelson. He truly uses her as a vessel to provide health benefits for others. There were times when I had to crawl on my hands and knees to clean my own house. Within two weeks I got a job cleaning for our church. There is no way I could have comprehended doing that before going to see Dr. Nelson. I teach Sunday school. I used to go to teach and literally come home from church and stay in bed for the remainder of the day. Last week, I went and taught my class, came home and then went grocery shopping -- came home from the store and cleaned my house and then made a nice dinner for my family. Wow -- what a change this has made in my life! I never want to go back from where I came - absolutely no way! *

Sandra Golatic

West Virginia


I became ill back in Dec. after a very simple, (so I was told) surgery. Knee scope…. I was told a week to 10 days recovery. Around 2 weeks later my upper body started to decline -- my arms and hands became very weak. I told my knee surgeon and he told me that my knees don’t have any thing to do with my arms. But I said I wasn’t like this before the surgery. He sent me to physical therapy, after going to that for a couple of weeks the physical therapist said he didn’t know what was wrong as I wasn’t making progress. Back to my PC and he noticed that I was losing weight 25 pounds in one month. He sent me to get a colonoscopy which came back good. Then he sent me to a blood doctor which he did many of tests, which all came back good. He was grasping at straws and when he mentioned for me to get a bone marrow I was shocked -- I had Knee scope I didn’t need bone marrow. I told my daughter who had to drive me to all these Dr.’s because I was unable to put my arms up to hold the steering wheel to take me to the nearest bar -- I need a long island ice tea!!    

Let me tell you , during this time not only did I lose weight, I was losing my faith and questioning -- why me??! I had to quit my job because of the pain (I am only in my fifties and should not be feeling this way! – like I am ninety!) I could not clean my house, even wring out a washcloth or pull my hair in a ponytail!!! Then one night at my daughter’s church, South Hills Bible Chapel, they had an event called “Funky Friday” - an outing for women. Both my daughters were going and asked me to go. I haven’t been social in over a month. I went and met Dr. Nelson- She did a demo on her detox foot bath. I was amazed! I listened to her speak about the parasites and toxic overload and how they can affect your body.   

It was so interesting. She also spoke about God and how He designed our bodies. Afterwards I approached her and asked if she could help me. She said she would like to see me. So I emailed her for an appointment. After I saw the stuff in my foot bath I was shocked, then she examined my glands and helped me get on track with nutrients -–such as the herbal medicines. Amazing-- I started to feel and look better.   

Dr. Nelson, she’s not only helped me to feel physically better, she also prayed over me and helped to restore my faith in God. I continue to go to get my foot baths and I learn something new each time. After seeing Dr. Nelson, I can now go back to work, clean my own house and am feeling much better. To this day the medical doctors still don’t know what happen to me. But Dr. Nelson knew I needed to clean my body and mind. I thank God for her and I thank God for my daughters & husband.   

Thank you for what you did, what you said, and who you are. PS -- I am back to riding motorcycles with my husband. It has now been over 2 years and my health is still very good. *   

Marie Lacey

McMurray, PA  

God Wants Us Well

   Four year old Mia, a typically happy and highly energetic child woke up ill. She was lying motionless on the sofa and was burning up with fever. Mia’s sister had strep throat for several weeks, and I thought “Oh no, not another one.” I hated the idea of having to take her, along with my other three children, to the Pediatricians office. There are so many germs there. It seems that we always leave taking another virus with us. I also despised the notion of putting my little Mia on an antibiotic because Dr. Nelson had informed me of how antibiotics continue to weaken your immune system. Dr. Nelson taught me that there are natural herbal antibiotics that do not destroy your immune system. My regular pediatricians seem to be unaware of that. For these reasons, I decided to contact Dr. Nelson. We were so elated to hear that she had an opening in her schedule. She worked with Mia for several hours, on and off. At first, she gave her elderberry-echinacea syrup and also massaged oil of oregano into the souls of her feet. She repeated these remedies about once per hour. She prayed with Mia, that Jesus would heal her. Then, as she was divinely directed, Dr. Nelson decided to massage the acupressure point for fever. Over and over, Dr Nelson used her thumbs, gently pressing on Mia’s forearm. Mia whimpered as if she was in pain. Within a few minutes the fever was gone! I had never witnessed anything like this before. For the rest of the evening, Mia was a little sluggish, but she had no other symptoms of being ill. By the next morning, she was back to her normal self, super active and asking for breakfast. This experience really strengthened my faith in God’s power. I do believe that He wants us well. Dr. Nelson is a great tool that He is using. I encourage anyone that is suffering from illness to take advantage of the wonderful talents and gifts that she has to offer. Thank you! *

Mia’s Mom  

Healthy Again – A Family’s Testimony

August 19, 2007  

By the time I began seeking the help of Dr. Valerie Nelson, my daughter was breaking out every day with hives. We already knew she was allergic to dairy and food coloring, and were keeping her on a strict diet, so the daily rash was extremely puzzling. During the consultation, Dr. Nelson found out that she was allergic to wheat, corn and most nuts! With any other doctor we have seen, this would have been the end of the visit and a very difficult diet to follow. T he amazing part is that through muscle testing, Dr. Valerie was able to determine what was causing my daughter’s allergies and what the antidote would be. It was a matter of giving her body what it was missing, which would fix her digestion, and begin the body’s natural healing process. 

I left the visit hopeful but somewhat skeptical that the solution could be that simple. Within two weeks of her treatment, my daughter was able to drink milk again, eat some wheat and hasn’t had a single case of hives. She feels like she is getting her life back. Her moods have also been much better and she is sleeping through the night which used to be a struggle for her. I had also sought the help of many doctors, both traditional and alternative, for help with my own digestive problems and chemical sensitivities. 

In the first visit, Dr. Nelson was able to figure out the cause of my problems (something most doctors don’t look for) and determine what it would take for my body to get back to a healthy state. As with my daughter, within a few weeks I was feeling better than I have felt in years. 

On a side note, two doctors had previously told me that oral chelation was the only way I would be able to rid my body of the heavy metal overload I had dealt with for a decade. This is an expensive and controversial therapy that has many side effects. Through ionic foot bath treatment, I have done in two weeks what it may have taken me two years to accomplish! I highly recommend Dr. Valerie Nelson to anyone considering a healthier life or the answers to long-standing health issues. She clearly has a gift from God to help people heal naturally and a passion to see everyone reach their full potential. * 

God Bless, Maya Chappell 

Gall Bladder Issues 

Ever since I was young I could eat anything I wanted to and never have a problem, not a stomachache nor weight gain. But little did I know the damage that I was doing. Around my mid-twenties I began to have stomach problems and heartburn. I was unaware that the things that I was putting in my body, food and prescription medication were causing such problems. When I sought medical attention the doctor just kept prescribing more drugs, which would treat my symptoms, yet cure nothing. After an extremely painful emergency room visit, it was determined that my inflamed gall bladder had to be removed. Being a person who believes the Lord put everything in our bodies for a reason, I was a little apprehensive about having anything removed. 

The worst part was I really thought I had no other option because the doctors told me that that was the only way to alleviate my stomach problems. After the procedure I was given no dietary instructions and once again was prescribed more medication. While the doctors continued to bill my insurance carrier, I was left in worse shape than before. After the surgery everything that irritated my stomach before still did, yet now I had to contend with emergency bathroom breaks and I developed a horrible chest pain that would occur on average twice a week. 

When I went back to the doctor again, they claim they were dumb founded and couldn’t do anything else, except prescribe once again, more drugs. So there I was at the age of 29, on four separate prescription drugs, extremely bad chest pains, constant fear of having to rush to the restroom while away from home, steady weight gain, and a pocket full of Rolaids and Alka-Seltzer.  

 It was at this time where I knew I had to seek an alternative solution. For a while my wife had been telling me about Dr. Nelson and what she did, at first I was not sure, but I had exhausted all other options. Having my gall bladder removed was the worst thing I could have done, seeing Dr. Nelson was the best thing I could have done. Once she began to explain to me what was going on in my body I learned to understand it and aid it in its processes. She explained that removing my gall bladder could have been avoided by simple diet choices and vitamin supplements. Dr. Nelson did not give me a strict diet to follow; yet she explained the differences in foods and what my body lacked and what I needed to avoid. 

The vitamins and oils she gave me have made a tremendous difference in my quality of life, and I feel healthier now than I ever did. My only regret is that I wish I had met her earlier and maybe could have prevented a lot of my troubles. In addition to feeling healthier and more energetic, I have also lost nearly 25 pounds in the process. I find it hard to believe that God created man and said, “I hope you figure out how to make drugs someday.” There is a natural way to solve illnesses and pain and thanks to Dr. Nelson I am living a lot healthier life. *

Joseph J. Startare

Coal Center, PA


Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel, Anemia, Etc. 

I have spent the past five years of my life very ill -- being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, anemia, and chronic pain. I have been to every specialist, undergone every test and been on a ton of medication. For the past five years, I have had overwhelming fatigue every day, constant bowel issues, and pain. I have been prescribed every antidepressant, pain med, medications to keep me awake and medications to put me to sleep. None of these medications helped.  

This past summer I became very ill, losing 20 lbs in less than 4 weeks and ended up in the Emergency Department. The doctors kept prescribing antibiotics - after 4 weeks of these medications and no relief in sight a friend recommended Dr. Nelson to me. I contacted the office on the Friday I came home from the Emergency Department so discouraged and ill that I was about to just give up. She was able to see me the next day. Dr. Nelson tested me for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and also for emotional needs. 

 She recommended a series of vitamins and minerals, as well as emotional herbs. I did a detox footbath that day and by Monday I was functioning and able to go to work. I felt human again. The people that saw me could not believe it. They could not believe what a difference there was in me in two dayʼs time. I thank Dr. Nelson and credit my well being all to her. I would recommend her to all and everyone that is interested in healing their body. This recommendation comes straight from the heart -- I am so thankful to be functioning again and my family is very grateful to Dr. Nelson also. *

Nancy Puharic

Lawrence, PA


Chronic Ear Infections 

Hi Dr. Nelson !! -- I just wanted to let you know that we took Benjamin to his two year-old check up, and the doctor said that he had no fluid in either ear. Yay! We were praying he'd just be able to fight off infection from the current fluid that was always there, but I hadn't really thought the fluid would be totally gone and dried up !! So thank you for the treatments that you gave him because they APPARENTLY REALLY worked! We still will keep our eye on him, especially as Fall approaches, and hope that his canal develops normally and the infections stop. Thanks again for your help! We are so relieved not to have to think about getting ear tube surgery right now.* 

Melissa M.



 To Those Seeking a Healthy Change ……….. I am a 55-year old diabetic who has been seeking an alternative to the medical treatment of my disease. Through Dr. Nelson and the help of the Lord , I've been able to find this alternative. Her weight loss program has helped me to lose a great amount of weight and changed my eating habits all for the good. And I must add, in less than 5 weeks I went from 218 lbs. to 204 lbs. My goal is to weigh 195 lbs.  

With the weight loss, my sugar level has come under control and I have come back to being normal. Trusting what Dr. Val has to say and letting the program work is what made all the difference. I could have easily said “I’m not going to do this” and seen no results. Thank the Lord I didn’t and I’m feeling great! Dr. Nelson has put her heart and soul into this practice and it shows. Trust is a big part of this program. I’ve told many people of our success together and would tell anyone who is looking for a change in health and wellness to put their trust in Dr. Nelson's programs. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll look better to others. Remember, our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit. We should make it as perfect as we can. *


Robert E. Franczak

McMurray, PA


Hair Loss and the Vitamin Connection: A Personal Testimony

           About two years ago, at age 44, I started having a substantial amount of hair loss for no apparent reason. As a woman, this can be quite troubling. It began slowly enough, but three months later, it was fairly noticeable, and I was really starting to worry. I was already eating well, exercising, taking vitamins, and taking a natural approach to my health, which made this even more baffling for me.

             Previously, I had gone to Abundant Life Wellness (Dr. Nelson's) for footbaths, so I decided to make an appointment with her to see if she could see if she could help determine what may be the underlying cause of this. Through muscle testing, she was able to determine what my body was lacking, and some supplements that could help. As it turned out, the combination of chlorine in the Pittsburgh water, a deficiency in certain minerals and not digesting my protein, was causing all of this! Boy was I relieved! Those were things I knew I could change. A few months after staying on her regimen, I noticed lots of new hair, and was finally feeling like my old self again.

            I am extremely grateful for Dr. Nelson's knowledge, expertise, and thoroughness. Not only was I worried it could be something much worse than what it turned out to be, I am sure that most doctors would have put me on a prescription medication that could have easily had far greater side-effects long term.  

 Because Dr. Nelson is able to determine exactly how much of a supplement someone needs, I feel great knowing I'm not wasting money taking things my body doesn't need! Her treatment is not a "one-size-fits-all", it's a well thought out plan for each individual’s needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a natural approach to their health issues! *

M. Chappell

Pittsburgh, PA


 Heavy Metal Toxicity

I started seeing Dr. Nelson after being diagnosed in January 2012 with heavy metal poisoning. Arsenic, lead, and cadmium were found in my blood which caused a variety of neuromuscular deficits – tremors, loss of balance, anxiety, insomnia, and foggy thinking. I am currently seeing a MD who ordered IV chelation therapy, which draws the metals out of my body. I have always believed in natural medicine. In fact, for the past 20+ years I had been seeing an herbalist who had put me on an oral heavy metal detoxification supplement. The oral detox I was taking apparently was not strong enough to draw the metals out of my system. Due to the symptoms I am experiencing, I have been unable to work and have had difficulty with activities of daily living.    

My anxiety worsened as I continued taking the supplements and the detox program I had previously been on. I was frustrated because I did not see any progress in my condition while receiving the IV chelation. I started to search for information on heavy metal poisoning, which I found to be alarming. I ordered some additional supplements to take on my own; however, they seemed to upset my gastrointestinal tract. I was taking so many supplements and needed some direction. A friend referred me to Dr. Nelson's website. I began to pray for direction from God. I kept repeating Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I believe I was led to Dr. Nelson as an additional professional to help the healing process begin. Having been off work for several months has left my husband and I in a financial bind. Knowing that Dr. Nelson's program is not covered by insurance did not affect my decision to see her. I NEEDED some additional help. I NEEDED to get better. I am 51 years old, and until this diagnosis I was walking our two dogs every day.

My husband and I initially went for a 30 minute footbath. We could not believe the toxins which were drawn from our bodies and how well we slept that night. I made an appointment with Dr. Nelson 3 weeks ago from today. Within the first week after being on her program, I was able to go to the park and walk with my walking stick. At first, it was not easy, but I kept reciting my favorite Bible verse. After 3 weeks on Dr. Nelson’s program, I can now leave my stick behind. Friends & family have told me my complexion looks so clear. I have been told by many that they can hear in my voice that I sound much calmer when they talk to me on the phone. I have noticed a difference in my emotions. I’m calmer and more peaceful. I started to sleep better, my bowel elimination improved, my nervousness continues to improve, and I am able to do some of the things around my home I was unable to do. I now am able to drive myself to physical therapy once a week and continue to learn exercises to regain my strength and stamina. I receive a footbath every week and can tell how important these are to my continued healing process. 

Dr. Nelson and her staff are excellent professionals to work with. They are quick to respond to any question or concern I may have or if it’s just to schedule a visit. Having email access has made communication with their office so convenient. I know I have to be patient with my healing and allow the supplements time to support this process. I know “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” because he gave me Dr. Valerie Nelson. *

May God Bless You in your healing journey!

Marina, Pittsburgh, PA

*Even though these testimonials are honest and exact stories written by our clients, to show our website, google requires us to put this statement on every testimony “ Results Are Not Typical and Will Vary For Each Individual."


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