Dr. Valerie Nelson

Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor

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Are Thyroid Issues Ailing you?

Have you ever felt frustrated (and convinced) that your thyroid is off, but your blood work continues to come back in the ‘normal’ range? Are you looking for natural solutions for thyroid problems?

Getting an accurate test from a laboratory to diagnose thyroid issues can be difficult. The truth is, the conventional medical profession as a whole, has really failed to truly help the public with issues of the thyroid, which is well supported by testimonies from thousands of unhappy patients.

Being told that you do not have a thyroid issue when you in fact actually do can be very counter productive, especially if the search for relief sends you on a tangent looking for answers elsewhere, as you continually struggle with daily symptoms.

Many individuals are on thyroid medicine, but still not feeling well -- why is this? People are searching for natural thyroid remedies and solutions. Dr. Nelson has been able to help so many people who are in this situation. She has worked to help individuals find natural solutions for thyroid conditions utilizing herbs and homeopathy.

In natural medicine, we are looking for the underlying factor as to why your thyroid is not functioning properly. We look at toxicity and deficiency issues. A cookie cutter approach does not work - with one individual the cause is different than the next individual. This is why it is important to have a good, solid relationship with a naturopathic doctor that you trust who can work with you on your individual issues and dosing amounts. Many times we will recommend a desiccated thyroid hormone (natural thyroid hormone replacement) similar to Armour thyroid or NatureThroid. 

The Mayo Clinic has determined that as much as 10 percent of the population suffers from thyroid problems and it appears to be on the increase. Dr. Brownstein, a medical doctor who specializes in thyroid disorders believes the percentage is much higher at an estimated 60 – 70%.

Why are we seeing so many more cases today then ever before? We believe in addition to lack of nutrition that a large piece of the puzzle is due to our exposure to radiation with all of the massive increase of technology over the past few years. Radiation has a huge impact on our endocrine system, especially the thyroid. If someone comes into our office and they have many of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder, but no indication of that on their blood work, we most definitely will work with them to treat their thyroid.